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During a recent business trip, I found myself in Springfield with a free day, after I finished up my last meeting much earlier than expected. Instead of just heading home, I decided to make the most of my free time and spend the day exploring the city. I'd never been to Springfield before and was looking forward to seeing what there was to do. I wouldn't have a problem finding a place to stay, even on short notice, thanks to the HotelTonight app.

The Area

Springfield is the third-largest city in the state and is nicknamed the Queen of the Ozarks. It's one of the most lively and exciting cities in western Missouri and is home to the Springfield Plateau of the Ozark Mountains. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and is near the James River, which gives it a beautiful scenic feel. This was my first time in Springfield, and I was amazed at how much there was to do in the city. I think I could have spent a week in the city without doing the same thing twice.

Things to Do

I started my day in Springfield off with a trip to Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum. It was well worth the price of admission. There is a huge aquarium inside that was so cool to look at. I spent a lot of time just looking at all the fish. The museum also had fish, birds, and a lot of other animals. After I left the museum, I visited a local art gallery. The gallery was really cool and featured some beautiful pieces of art. I wish I would have had more time in Springfield to explore more of the city. It seemed like there was so much to see and do.

The Food

I was feeling hungry and wanted to get something to eat. Whenever I visit a new town, I always like to ask the locals where to eat, so I make sure to get the best food in town. Several people recommended I try a local cafe. I ordered a crepe and was so glad I decided to eat at that cafe because the food was delicious. I'll make sure to come back again during my next trip to Springfield.

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After dinner, I was feeling ready to relax and unwind for the night and decided it was time to find a hotel room. In the past, I've had problems trying to find a hotel room on short notice. It can be frustrating and expensive. I didn't have to worry about that during my trip to Springfield though, thanks to the HotelTonight app. I opened up the app and was able to easily book a hotel room in a matter of minutes. I was so glad I decided to spend the day in Springfield. It was just a fun day and I loved exploring the city. I'll definitely be back again soon.

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How many hotels are in Springfield?

There are 6 hotels in Springfield available from Hotel Tonight.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Springfield have been as low as $60.75, though the average room costs closer to $98.47 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $81.69 to $117.41 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in January

Which hotels in Springfield have a pool?

There are 5 hotels with pools in Springfield. Some of them are: