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You could spend weeks in Chicago and never really get to know all of the neighborhoods there. It's an enormous, diverse and wonderfully interesting city where each pocket of residents offers its visitors something unique. I've long engaged in the hobby of taking whatever time I have in the "Windy City" to explore a new neighborhood. I recently had to go to Chicago for work, and I purposely booked my return flight for 24 hours after I knew I'd be finished with my obligations. One of the neighborhoods I had yet to see is known as Bucktown, so I decided that this would be the location of my adventure on this trip. I wasn't worried about lodging, as I always traveled with HotelTonight, an app that helps people find last-minute hotel rooms. All I needed to do was make sure I had my phone with me and I'd be all set. I was ready for my day in Bucktown.

The Location

One of the things that surprised me when I got to Bucktown was how quickly I managed to get there from downtown. Bucktown is located just to the west of Lincoln Park and not far at all--meaning about 10 minutes of driving--from downtown. I parked my car, went to a cafe and talked to a local who told me that one of the reasons that Bucktown became so popular was because it presented a more affordable option to Lincoln Park, which had become extremely expensive. As one could guess, that meant that Bucktown had become the home of quite a few younger people and young professionals.

The Artistic Influence

Perhaps the predominant characteristic of Bucktown is the obvious and overt influence of the artist community. There are artists everywhere, including in studios and showing their work in galleries. There were even a few on the streets working on projects. Murals are common on buildings and the entire community has that artistic feel to it, which I have always enjoyed. Apparently, this artistic influence began during the hippie days of the 1960's and continues to this day. I bought a couple of small pieces because they were just too beautiful to pass up.

The Dining

Name a country or a region in the world, and it's likely that you'll find a restaurant that serves that cuisine in Bucktown. I was in the mood for French food, and there was a bistro just down the street that seemed unassuming but welcoming. The food they served was fantastic. I don't often even know what I'm getting with French food, but I know it's going to be rich and creamy and taste great with wine. This dinner accomplished all of those things with flair.

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Full and tired after a fun and active day, I decided it was time to find my lodging for the night. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight and searched for Bucktown Chicago hotels. I had one booked within seconds. I was ready for a night of deep sleep and was already looking forward to my next journey.