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Charlotte, North Carolina is a place that offers a bit of something for everyone. I know this because I've been here with a lot of different people over the years. All of them had something specific in mind when they got there. Some wanted to go watch some auto racing, football or basketball. Others wanted to sample the barbecue that is so famous there. Still others wanted to just walk around and see what there was to see. I have always wanted to do things differently when I travel. I'm not interested in just doing on specific thing. I'm more interested in getting to know what it's like to live in a city. That's why when I travel, I like to pick a particular neighborhood and explore it thoroughly. I recently wound up on a 24-hour layover in Charlotte and decided that I'd spend those 24 hours exploring the neighborhood of Ballantyne. I hadn't been there before, but I heard it was a great place to get to know the city for what it is. As far as lodging was concerned, all I'd need to do when I was ready was open my HotelTonight app and choose one of the Ballantyne Charlotte hotels it found for me.

The Youth

When I talk about youth and Ballantyne, I'm talking about the youth of Ballantyne and not necessarily the youth in Ballantyne. This is a planned suburb that's only about 20 years old, and I find it fascinating to see a community grow up right before my eyes. As one would expect, there is a lot of new development here, complete with family-fun-oriented properties, golf courses and the like, but the bottom line is that this is a community that's made for professionals and that has plenty of options for off-work hours.

The Cleanliness

I've been in a lot of different neighborhoods over the years given how I like to approach my travel. I would have to say that the vast majority of those communities could have used a bit of work with regards to their cleanliness. Trash was on the ground, windows were broken, buildings were not properly maintained and more. The opposite is true in Ballantyne. You can walk down the street and not see one piece of litter or trash. You won't see graffiti or broken windows. That matters and speaks to the level of pride in a community's residents.

The Park

The planners of Ballantyne certainly didn't forget the importance of getting outside and enjoying some exercise and fresh air. I walked into a local park there that was absolutely enormous. It was also perfectly manicured and maintained, and it was a treat to watch so many families run around with their kids, dogs or both in the sunshine. I made it a point to talk to some of the locals who were around, and every single one of them loved living there.

HotelTonight – Ballantyne Charlotte Hotels

After such a fun and active day, I was ready to relax. I opened my HotelTonight app and immediately found a list of Ballantyne Charlotte hotels ready for me. I chose one, booked a room and instantly made my way towards a night of rest.