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Charlotte is almost like a tapestry in that there are different threads woven together seamlessly to create something wonderful. I've always felt that way about this gorgeous city, and I've been going there for years, as I have a job that takes me there regularly. At first, I was quite frustrated with my time in Charlotte because I never had any time to get out and enjoy the city for myself. That's difficult to do when you're constantly shuffling between meetings and trade shows. I decided to do something about it a couple of years ago. When I travel to Charlotte now, I push my return flight out by 24 hours beyond how long I'm supposed to be there. That gives me an entire day to explore what I want to explore. Lately, I've been spending my 24 hours in one neighborhood per trip. For my last trip, I chose to spend my day in Uptown Charlotte. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, as I always travel with my HotelTonight app. It would find me an Uptown Charlotte hotel based on my location as soon as I was ready to get some sleep.

The Sports

If you're in Uptown Charlotte for any particular reason other than just checking it out and seeing what there is to see, chances are you'll be there for a sporting event. This is a part of the country that loves its football, and the Carolina Panthers' home stadium is located right here. If NBA basketball is your thing, then you're also in luck, as this neighborhood is also home to the Charlotte Hornets. If you like your sports a bit more intimate, go ahead and take in a AAA baseball game at the home of the Charlotte Knights.

The Museums

If you're not in Uptown Charlotte for sports or just for looking around, you may be looking to spend time at a museum or two. You'll find them here, and while I did not know that's what I'd encounter, I was happy I did during my day of exploration. I walked through two of them and was stunned at the high-end collection of art in at least one of them. I wound up spending several hours just perusing all the different works before realizing that I wanted to do more things with my day.

The Cuisine

If you're in the middle of an enormous city, especially one that sits in a region that is known for its cooking and cuisine, you're going to find options for dinner. I certainly did, and what I found was a restaurant that cooks its food over a wooden fire, just like I do at home. The only difference was that the steak I had here was more flavorful, juicier and flat-out better than anything I could ever produce in my backyard.

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After seeing everything I saw that day and eating such an enormous dinner, I decided that it was time for HotelTonight to do its thing. I opened it and it immediately found Uptown Charlotte hotels based on my current location. I chose one and made my way over there, ready for a big night of rest.